Class Reflection – September 28, 2015

Monday night’s class was a mix of many things; working on our blog, evaluating resources on Power and Authority, collaborating as a class on how to assess our upcoming presentation assignment and finally meeting with our presentation groups. A lot of different material was cover in a short period of time. The class felt a bit rushed and disjointed at times, yet when I look back, we were able to cover a variety of points and we did in fact accomplish a number of tasks. I personally was able to add more to my blog and throughout the class took time to add new pages and resources. I also took away a new way of viewing assessment. Not to necessarily allocate so many marks/attention to the how (ex. presentation, poster) but more to the what (ex. understanding of the content, ways of learning). Overall this class has shown me that technology in and for the classroom is not as scary as I thought and that it is actually very fun to work with. Bonus, it helps keep me even more organized, which I love!


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