Class Reflection – Guest Speakers – October 26, 2015

During this class we were fortunate enough to have a few guest speakers present on First Nations inclusive teaching practices. Alison Kimbley, a M.Ed student and Grade 8 teacher at Seven Stones Community School lead the discussion. Through a variety of mediums and activities we looked deeper into the issue of stereotyping. I found the poison box (a collection of items that can be seen as racist) quite shocking. It was alarming by the amount of everyday items that promote a specific stereotype. I think this would be a very effective tool to use in the classroom with older elementary grades when examining the issues and negative effects of stereotyping. Alison invited Lani Elliot to speak about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and the intergenerational effects of violence. Lani story was very moving, as she spoke about her personal experience with violence. She is a courageous and empowering woman, it was just too that she did not open the floor up to questions from us. Vic Starr was the third speaker of the evening and he educated us on the protocol around tobacco. The information he provided was a great extension of the teachings we received during our Treaty Training at the beginning of the semester. This class was very insightful and full of practical knowledge!

img_4925 (2)

Here Vic Starr and his cousin explain the protocol around giving tobacco to an Elder.

img_4931 (2)

Here Alison Kimbley assists some of us with making our tobacco pouches.


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