Feedly: RSS reader a.k.a. news aggregator

The world wide web is busting at the seams with information for us to access on every topic our heart’s can imagine. Navigating through all of this information can be very daunting and at times overwhelming. Lucky there are tools to aid us in the task of sifting out the unwanted information and providing us with direct access to what we desire.

These tools are known as RSS readers, RSS feeds, new aggregators, etc. and their purpose is to streamline the way we search for content to read online.

Feedly.com is the RSS reader I have chosen to use in order to subscribe to various education and edtech related sources and blogs. I found content about these topics by searching Feedly’s publications and blogs. I used search words like; edtech, education, teaching, classroom, school, educator, etc. From those searches, I chose which sources and blos I wanted to follow based on the description provided and the number of followers the source had.  I have so far created two feeds on my Feedly account, edtech and education in order to group the news that will be made available to me.

One source in particular I chose to follow is Education Technology and Mobile Learning. This source is relevant because its posts are all about education technology, which is one of the main feeds I have created on my Feedly account. It is also relevant because this source posts are in fact just that, relevant! Their posts are about the current and popular tech tools and media resources that are available for educators and students. I found that their posts are well organized, clear and concise. The titles for each post tell you exactly what is contained within the post as well, which made looking for specific information or tech tools very easy. When I went directly to their web page, I was further impressed with how simple it was to navigate and how I was able to find content quickly and efficiently. I can’t wait to use many of the technology and media tools they recommend in my future classrooms!


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