Twitter: ‘tweet-tweedilly-tweet’

Thinking of Twitter and tweeting automatically makes my brain start singing the song Rockin’ Robin by Bobby Day, specifically the lyrics ‘tweet-tweedilly-tweet’!

Now that I got that out of the way, here is what my current relationship with Twitter is like and what I think about it as a professional development tool.

Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano Flickr via Compfight cc

Twitter and I

Twitter and I have really only started our relationship recently. I have a personal Twitter account that I created in 2011 but I had not accessed or used it in years. Since having a professional Twitter account is a requirement of my EDTC 300 course, I have now become an active participant in regards to this social media platform. Give me a follow @MissKohuch.

I have now learned how to effectively utilize Twitter as a tool to broaden my Professional/Personal Learning Network. Through my EDTC 300 class, I have been educated about what Twitter has to offer, what its different functions do and how to use them. Some of these functions are; tweeting, following others, commenting on tweets, re-tweeting, liking tweets, using hashtags (#), linking material from other sites, etc.

Twitter Beginner? Not sure how it works? Check out this awesome resource by David Truss – Twitter EUD: Your One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter

Now that I am armed with all of this Twitter knowledge, I have started to become a more frequent participant. This past week, along with my EDTC 300 professor and classmates, I took part in my very first EdChat, #saskedchat. Participating in it was a great way to drive into the world of Twitter and get to hear from others in the education profession. This particular #saskedchat was lead by my classmate Raegyn Fulmek and fellow Education student, Erin Zinger and it was about the paperless classroom, a topic that I had not truly given much thought to before. An additional tool we were introduced to was TweetDeck, which made following and keeping up with the #saskedchat mush easier. Overall, the EdChat was a great professional development experience and I look forward to participating in more in the near future!

A screenshot of my TweetDeck with a column for the hashtag #saskedchat and a column for one of the chat’s moderators, @raegynfulmek.

A Professional Development Tool

  • connecting with others and expanding one’s PLN (Professional Learning Network)
    • members of the local, national and international education community
  • access to resources by following others via @________
    • other university students, educators, schools, school divisions, education platforms, news & media organizations, blogs, websites, apps, etc.
  • hashtags to access specific content and narrow field of search
    • #edtech, #education, #edtc300, etc.
  • participation in Twitter Chats
    • ability to have live discussions and answer questions with other tweeters  about similar topics of interest
      • EdChats
I will end with this great resource about using Twitter effectively in education, by our very own University of Regina Education Professor, Dr. Alec Couros.

3 thoughts on “Twitter: ‘tweet-tweedilly-tweet’

  1. Hey – great post! Now I have rockin’ robin in my head too! I am in a similar situation since I created a Twitter account years ago, but I never used it. Now it’s time to play catch-up and learn all the cool new things that Twitter can do!

    Liked by 1 person

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