Screencastify: screen recorder for Chrome

For this post, I was to find an app or tool that I was unfamiliar with and give it a try (emphasis on the word an, meaning ONE)…… Well, it was quite a challenge for me to chose just one and go with it, as there are so many apps and tools I wanted to check out. My indecisiveness to pick just ONE lead me to delay this post. It was not until I used Screencastify to create a screen recording video of Duolingo for my learning project blog post, ‘better late than never/mejor trade que nunca’, that I was able to narrow my choice to this particular tool. 


It is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to capture and record your screen activity with just a click of a button. It gives you the option to record your desktop, browser tab, or webcam capture and to narrate with your microphone’s audio. After recording your screencast, it will automatically save to Google Drive and with a few clicks, you can publish it directly to YouTube and share it.

I was truly amazed at how simple Screencastify was to use! Having never created a video with my computer before and not even really knowing that I could record my screen, this tool was very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I did not even have to watch their overview YouTube video in order to figure out how to use it but I have posted it here so you can see first hand how it works.



The major downfall of this tool is that if you want full access to its features, it is going to cost you $24.00 USD per year. They do however have different pricing options available for schools that range from 16% off – 50% off – ‘let’s talk’.

As for classroom usability, Screencastify’s website has for school tab that provides a ton of suggestions for educational application and a collection of ideas from educators around the world. One link I found particularly useful was 7 Super Screencasting Activities for School by Eric Curts as it includes tutorial videos for each suggested classroom activity.

It teams of the SARM Model, this Google Chrome Extension would fall under modification, “tech allows for significant task redesign”. With using Screencastify you are redesigning how you can give a presentation/tutorial, how you give feedback, and how you can communicate with others.

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