Hi my name is Katie Kohuch and this is my first blog. I will be using it as an educational tool for my ESST 310 class, and as a space to collective store content that will support my educational endeavor in becoming an elementary teacher.  I am an Education After Degree student who has two previous degrees, a Bachelor of Human Justice and a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Honours.

I have always had a passion for teaching, but it was not until my more recent work experience in early child care that I realized I wanted to go back into the classroom myself.  Working with young children on a daily basis for the past three years and implementing the Ministry’s focus on Play and Exploration and Emergent Curriculum has solidified that being an educator is the career path for me.

My Family

This is my family immediate family. We are a very close group of four who loved to travel and spend the holidays together. We enjoying teasing one another and reminiscing about the many memories we share.


This is my little brother Fred and I at Elk Ridge Resort in Northern Saskatchewan.  The two of use can be quite goofy at times, but we make a great team. I am very lucky that my best friend is also my brother.

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My family and I are also very connected to our cultural roots.  All of my great grandparents immigrated from the Ukraine and through my family I have been able to learn and practice traditions such as baking Paska bread and making Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter Eggs). The basket of eggs were made by my preschool group this past summer, when we were learning about different cultures. The children used wax crayons to layer the dye.

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While attending the University of Regina for my first two degrees, I was heavily involved in the cheerleading community.  I was on the U of R Cheerleading Team, went on to be a Rider Cheerleader, and spent many years volunteering my time to coach high school teams and be to a member of the Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association.


Giving back to the sport that gave me so much and being a mentor to young women and men was has influenced my current pursuit of an education degree.

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Two years ago I decided to try something new and joined the Regina Polonia Dance Ensemble. It was great and memorable experience. As a group we traveled to Poland for an International Festival and this past spring we hosted a pavilion at Mosaic here in Regina.


Thank you for getting to know a little about me.  I hope you find my blog informative and helpful!


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  1. Hi Katie! I wanted to leave a quick comment saying I am really glad you posted that TedTalks for your inspiration. (I tried to comment on the page but there was no option, so I am invading your ‘About’ page instead!) I remember seeing it a while ago and it was time to see it again. Her passion for ensuring kids get the best education possible is very admirable. Probably what stood out to me, listening this time around, is: “Seek first to understand, as opposed to being understood”. I think everyone has the right to be understood – but they also have the responsibility to listen, and set aside prejudice to look at issues more deeply or from other angles. Perhaps, after really thinking about something, you may realize that your opinion is no longer as valid as you once thought it was, and that’s OK!

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