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November 16, 2015 – Cancelled Class

Our regularly scheduled class was cancelled this evening as there was a UR Pride Professional Development Presentation taking place at the same time. I chose to use the evening to work on my lesson plan for my pre-internship that coming Wednesday. I happen to be planning a Social Studies Lesson were I was going to be incorporating technology. I immediately thought how convenient my blog would be to have all of my information and links in the same place! That way I would not have to worry about bringing a memory stick or having to waste time looking up the website links manually. I posted my lesson under my ‘Lesson/Unit Plans’ tab on my tool bar under the subject – Social Studies. I even used the video Sarah R and Kaitlyn showed during their Exploring Teaching Strategies Presentation as the SET of my lesson.

Class Reflection – Exploring Teaching Strategies Presentations – November 2, 2015

The presentations on exploring teaching strategies were awesome! It was great to learn from our peers and see firsthand how we can bring creativity, excitement and variety into our social studies classrooms. Everyone did a great job at engaging and entertaining us, and surprisingly enough, no one had the same SET.

img_4999 (3)

This is a photo of me during my exploring teaching strategies presentation. The outcome I had chosen was RW 2.1 – Describe ways in which the local community meets needs and wants of its members. My creative SET was all about getting to know the “people in your neighborhood”!

Class Reflection – Guest Speakers – October 26, 2015

During this class we were fortunate enough to have a few guest speakers present on First Nations inclusive teaching practices. Alison Kimbley, a M.Ed student and Grade 8 teacher at Seven Stones Community School lead the discussion. Through a variety of mediums and activities we looked deeper into the issue of stereotyping. I found the poison box (a collection of items that can be seen as racist) quite shocking. It was alarming by the amount of everyday items that promote a specific stereotype. I think this would be a very effective tool to use in the classroom with older elementary grades when examining the issues and negative effects of stereotyping. Alison invited Lani Elliot to speak about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and the intergenerational effects of violence. Lani story was very moving, as she spoke about her personal experience with violence. She is a courageous and empowering woman, it was just too that she did not open the floor up to questions from us. Vic Starr was the third speaker of the evening and he educated us on the protocol around tobacco. The information he provided was a great extension of the teachings we received during our Treaty Training at the beginning of the semester. This class was very insightful and full of practical knowledge!

img_4925 (2)

Here Vic Starr and his cousin explain the protocol around giving tobacco to an Elder.

img_4931 (2)

Here Alison Kimbley assists some of us with making our tobacco pouches.

Class Reflection – Understanding Outcomes Presentations – October 19, 2015

The second class of our understanding outcome presentations was equally as interactive and engaging as the first. The groups that presented had a good balance of explanation of their chosen outcome(s) and active participation for us the learners. Two of the groups used the concept of puzzle pieces to bring their outcome(s) to life and to demonstrate how we are all a part of a larger community and somehow we all fit together. This would be a great activity to do with a younger grade at the beginning of the school year. The third group had us work through a situation where both sides needed to be satisfied in the end. This activity might be a bit too challenging for their outcome(s) grade level, which was grade 2. All in all, these presentations were a nice way to gain a further understanding of the various social studies outcomes we will be teaching in the immediate/near future.


Class Reflection – Understanding Outcomes Presentations – October 5, 2015

The interactive aspects of each presentation were great as they kept us, the audience, engaged. I felt I gained the most knowledge from the presentations that had me participating throughout. By participating I made deeper connections to the outcome(s) the presenters were attempting to educate us on. All of the groups really brought their outcomes to life but I felt that some presenters could have focused a little more on helping us understand their selected outcome(s), and less time on leading us through a student focused activity. Further breakdown and explanation of the outcome(s) would have been more effective in meeting the goal of this particular assignment.

These are photos of the local community food map our table group created based on the activity presented by Sarah R. and Kaitlyn. Their Understanding Outcomes Presentation was on Grade 2 – Dynamic Relationships.

Class Reflection – September 28, 2015

Monday night’s class was a mix of many things; working on our blog, evaluating resources on Power and Authority, collaborating as a class on how to assess our upcoming presentation assignment and finally meeting with our presentation groups. A lot of different material was cover in a short period of time. The class felt a bit rushed and disjointed at times, yet when I look back, we were able to cover a variety of points and we did in fact accomplish a number of tasks. I personally was able to add more to my blog and throughout the class took time to add new pages and resources. I also took away a new way of viewing assessment. Not to necessarily allocate so many marks/attention to the how (ex. presentation, poster) but more to the what (ex. understanding of the content, ways of learning). Overall this class has shown me that technology in and for the classroom is not as scary as I thought and that it is actually very fun to work with. Bonus, it helps keep me even more organized, which I love!

A Blog in the Making

Tonight in our ESST 310 class we created and started our personal blogs that we will be using throughout this class.  This blog will be used to post information regarding the Saskatchewan Social Studies Curriculum (Kindergarden to Grade 5), as a way to collect and compile data and resources and various assignments and to respond to class readings.