Curriculum Content


Saskatchewan Curriculum – Website

Summarized Outcomes across Areas of Study for Kindergarten to Grade 5

Cross-Curricular Competencies – Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

Curriculum Breakdown – North East School Division, Saskatchewan

Digital Learning Resources – M. Morley’s Blog

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools – Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

HPCS Digital Citizenship

Teaching Treaties

Treaty Education – Outcomes & Indicators – Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

Office of the Treaty Commissioner

SMART Board Activities – K-6 Teaching Treaties in the Classroom – OTC

Aboriginal Perspectives – University of Regina

Kindergarten to Grade Nine Treaty Education Learning Resource – OTC

Introductory Information – Kindergarten

Grade One – Grade Two – Grade Three

Grade Four – Grade Five – Grade Six

Grade Seven – Grade Eight – Grade Nine

Inquiry in the Classroom

Inquiry in Social Studies – Saskatchewan Curriculum

Inquiry – Saskatchewan School Library Association

Guiding Questions for Deeper Understanding from Saskatchewan Curricula

Video – Shelley Wright: The Power of Student-Driven Learning


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