1. Grade 4 – Themed Tasks – Grocery Games


N4.7 Demonstrate an understanding of decimal numbers in tenths and hundredths (pictorially, orally, in writing, and symbolically) by: • describing • representing • relating to fractions.

N4.8 Demonstrate an understanding of addition and subtraction of decimals limited to hundredths (concretely, pictorially, and symbolically) by: • using compatible numbers • estimating sums and differences • using mental math strategies • solving problems.

N4.7 – Themed Task 1 – Select an item from one of the grocery flyers. Cut it out and glue it onto a piece of cardstock. Select a way(s) to represent the price of your chosen item.

N4.8 – Themed Task 2 – Select a random amount of money from the money bag. Based on the amount of money you selected, what variation(s) of the grocery items could you purchase without going over your selected amount of money? Use the priced grocery items from Task 1 as your purchase choices.

N4.8 – Themed Task 3 – Exchange your completed Task 2 with someone from your class. Using the variations of grocery items and amount of money they selected, determine what change they should receive back from their purchase.

Grocery Games – Signs

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