Social Studies


1. Grade 4 –  Resources and Wealth – Saskatchewan’s Agricultural Economy

Outcomes & Indicators:

RW4.2 Investigate the importance of agriculture to the economy and culture of Saskatchewan.

d. Compile an inventory of Saskatchewan agricultural food and by-products.

g. Analyze the significance of Saskatchewan agricultural commodity exports to the province.

RW4.3 Assess the impact of Saskatchewan resources and technological innovations on the provincial, national, and global communities.

d. Illustrate the goods made from the major natural resources, the consumers of those goods, and the export destinations.

Lesson – Saskatchewan’s Agricultural Economy

Handout – AITC Lesson Teacher & Student Information

Online Resources

YouTube Video: Farmer – “Farmer” Songs about Professions by Story Bots

Pearson Text Sign In – Pearson Text Book (Social Studies 4, Unit 4, pp. 212-214)

AITC  Grade 4 Lessons – Agriculture in the Classroom (Lesson 16 – Teacher Info)



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